ALIGEE & Phareed

Aligee & Phareed return with ‘Believer’

When it comes to the heartland of EDM, you’re probably more thinking of Holland than Azerbaijan, but as a country that is a jewel nestled between Europe and Asia, featuring massively futuristic cities alongside ancient and varied culture, it’s no surprise that it’s also home to a pair of talented producers in the shape of Aligee & Phareed. They’ve just released another collaboration in the shape of Believer, and it’s everything you’d expect from a duo who have some pretty big accolades under their belt.

Having both previously done remixes for what reads a like a who’s-who of the dance music industry, from David Guetta, to Galantis, to NERVO, Robin Schulz and Fergie, Aligee has teamed up with fellow countryman Phareed before, with their debut release Eye’s Up making waves at the tail end of 2018. Their latest work sees them team-up with songwriter and vocalist Chad Kowal, with Believer proving to be a clever and catchy mix of EDM, Future House, and mainstream pop, with suitable and subtle nods to both the club and radio market.

It’s another fine effort from a pair who’ve surely got a long and fruitful future ahead of them, so get your copy here, and be sure to give it a listen below.