Calvin Harris accidentally leaked new house track ‘Peace Love Happiness v3’

Adam Richard Wiles, better known as Calvin Harris has been laying low for the past year. There were only three releases in 2019 so far, ‘I Found You/Nilda’s Story’, the amazing collaboration ‘Giant’ with Rag’n’Bone Man and a re-mastered version of his 2009 release ‘I’m Not Alone’. Recently, completely out of the blue, a new track was posted on his SoundCloud, called ‘Peace Love Happiness v3’, a seven minutes long house banger. The track was taken down shortly after being published, rising many questions around this mysterious and probably accidental leak of the song.

Although the track isn’t available on SoundCloud anymore, we still managed to find a short, one minute clip of the track, to give you a taste of a true house masterpiece, which is ready to take over the dance floors all around the world.

The track is really amazing and we are more than pleased to see Calvin producing some more underground beats again. The fans were very happy about the accidental drop as well, saying that they are glad that he has gone back to this style and that it reminds them a lot of Patrick Topping’s signature sound. It’s carrying a beautiful message of peace, love and happiness, which the world nowadays definitely needs more of. It features an uplifting melody, enriched with an amazing bassline, synths and drums that will make you move on the dance floor no matter what.

As Calvin Harris took a break from touring he gained a lot of time that he can spend being creative in his studio, coming up with new hits and exploring other genres of electronic dance music. We cannot be 100% sure that this track will be officially releasing anytime soon, but we can hope for the best. With 2020 just around the corner, this drop would definitely be a great start of the year.

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