CamelPhat to drop new Jem Cooke collaboration this Friday

British duo CamelPhat have had nothing short of an explosive 2019. If their continuous releases that have smashed the charts and dominated the music scene all over the world don’t tell you that, then their non-stop touring schedule will show you just exactly how in demand they are. This has got them in touch with some of the other leading artists of the world such as Jake Bugg and Alan Fitzpatrick who they have both collaborated with this year. Their consistently stunning sound style solidifies the crowns on their heads as they continue to rule the scene, and they have yet another release for fans before 2019 is up.

Excitingly, the duo – made up of  Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala – have decided to team up with songstress and songwriter Jem Cooke again. As we all remember, their 2018 hit ‘Breathe’ was a mega hit when it was released back in November, and was remixed by top artists like Eric Prydz and Cristoph (who also collaborated on the original) and still continues to get a whopping crowd reception when the first notes are played out. If this is anything to go by, their next hit named ‘Rabbit Hole’ will be gigantic. This one has been being teased for a hot minute now, and finally we have an official release date: November 8. From the clip that CamelPhat tweeted out, we can hear that Jem Cooke’s vocals shine as brightly as ever next to the duo’s dark, thumping beats. Proving to be a match made in heaven, these artists know exactly how to create a track to please the masses and do it so effortlessly.

Pre-orders are being taken for the track right now via Beatport ahead of the release, but in the meantime we’ll be listening to the short Twitter clip below on repeat!

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