Classics That Need To Be Heard By Millennials

Different generations may develop different preferences over time, including music. However, it is actually music that also links one generation to the other. Millennials prefer upbeat, electronic and catchy tunes, while the classics that are loved by the older generations are characterized by the laid back, serene and harmonious tunes. Different as the musical preferences may seem, both generations can learn a thing or two about the kind of music each of them love. For one, millennials can learn to relax, chill and savor the soothing classical melodies. There are many songs and playlists you can recommend to your millennial friends, and here are some classics we recommend that they need to hear.

I Walk the Line By Johnny Cash

This 1950s classic hit by the well-renowned country singer Johnny Cash is something millennials should hear. It’s a great song with lyrics referring to personal maturity, marital fidelity and avoiding temptations and vices – something the younger generation should keep in mind. If you were to dig deeper into the story behind this song, you’ll come to know a significant figure in Johnny Cash’s life – Vivian Liberto. You’d be surprised to know about many aspects of Cash’s marital and family life with her first wife, Vivian. Like most country songs, “I Walk the Line” tells a story, and this one has a story within a story. The song has had many covers from other remarkable artists such as The Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton and most recently Halsey. If you want a modern, millennial rendition of this song, you can listen to Halsey’s cover song.

Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers

This hugely popular 1950s hit by the Righteous Brothers is a song that unchained in success and unchained by time. The song initially came about as a soundtrack for the prison film Unchained in 1955. The song’s theme focuses on someone who yearns for a lover, he has not seen for a long, lonely time. The tone of melancholy, loneliness and yearning has not lost its appeal on listeners, and it became widely embraced as one of the greatest love songs ever created. The lyrics can be easy to comprehend and the vocals are powerfully delivered to denote the heartache the song wants to convey. Love is a universal and timeless language when it comes to music, and millennials will surely get to appreciate this wonderful piece.

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

This is one of the most recognizable classic songs that many people can relate to. Released in the 1960s by Louis Armstrong, it’s uplifting and positive lyrics make it one of the most well-loved classic songs across the globe. As a testament to its endearing tune, the song has been covered by notable singers such as Patti Smith, Rod Stewart and LeAnn Rimes. Also, several movies like “Good Morning, Vietnam”, “12 Monkeys”, “Madagascar” and “Finding Dory” have featured this song. Even in television series such as “Dawson’s Creek”, “Gilmore Girls”, “House, MD”, and “Supernatural” you’ll hear this song from one of their episodes. It’s one of the recommended classics that millennials should hear due to its timeless theme appreciating the beauty of people, nature and the world as a whole – something today’s young generation should learn. Also, undertones of nature conservation can be interpreted from the song, which makes it a fitting song for millennials to hear.

There are several reasons why classic songs are considered timeless and significant. One reason is due to its simple harmony and sensible lyrics. Also, these songs are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of the songwriter that are wonderfully delivered by the talented singers who sang them. Millennials can definitely learn a lot and appreciate this song if they are open to listening to the classics.



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