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David Guetta discusses new music with Anna Lunoe on Apple Music’s Beats 1

David Guetta recently made an appearance on DanceXL with Anna Lunoe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 to discuss his latest track ‘Make It To Heaven’. The French maestro opened up about his struggles with the selection of music for his sets and difficulties he faces in order to ensure that he keeps delivering a new style of music and at the same time pleases the audience. David feels that the underground scene with Tech House, Techno & similar genres are doing pretty well but he cannot play these records at big festivals like Tomorrowland as these tracks lack the energy required for around 50,000 people. At the same time, if he keeps on playing the traditional EDM, people starting pointing questions at the ability to evolve his style. Looking for answers to this one of a kind puzzle David Guetta in collaboration with another talented producer MORTEN develops a new sound that packs the classic rave feel from an underground record and combining it with traditional sounds that are trending and digestible by the masses.

Speaking about the influence of pop in dance music, he feels that the industry is cluttered with Pop at the moment and also agrees that he does have a role in it to some extent. However, he aims to keep the foundation of what got him into music intact and also encourages other DJs to refocus and shape the future. David has influenced millions of people worldwide with his music and also holds a strong ideology and approach to various different things related to the industry.

Listen to the David Guetta interview with MORTEN on Beats 1 down below.

David Guetta: I’m probably the one to blame but DJ’s are being going so pop to a point I felt I was losing myself

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