GRAVEDGR 6 Feet Under

GRAVEDGR – 6 Feet Under

GRAVEDGR returns to Carnage‘s Heavyweight Records for yet another haunting release in the form of “6 Feet Under”. The heavy-hitting and yet predominantly lyrical track kicks off a story that will unfold throughout the rest of GRAVEDGR’s upcoming debut album, told from the perspective of someone with good intentions with evil repercussions.

Donning an image to match the sound, his consistently black attire and signature face mask compliment the simultaneously scary, melodic and hard sound of the artist whose day job is literally digging graves! Having made his debut performances during insane shows at EDC Las Vegas and LA’s El Rey Theatre last summer, GRAVEDGR most recently made an appearance at Southern California’s Hard Summer festival. The mysterious character also seems to have a knack for creating catchy music that always works the crowd into a frenzy.

Sporting his 7th release on Carnage‘s Heavyweight Records, “6 Feet Under” is set to raise the bar set by his impressive first release, ‘Rampage’; which has amassed over 11 million streams on Spotify alone. Furthermore, follow-up singles such as ‘Jesse James’‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Be Wary’ have also raked in millions of streams, further enhancing GRAVEDGR’s ever-expanding back-catalogue.

Listen to GRAVEDGR go “6 Feet Under” and stream it here.

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