Introducing Viberate: The one-stop online map for the dance music industry

The belief that the Dance music industry – rather than being an arena that pits one against another, encouraging cut-throat competition – is in fact yet another scene that ‘celebrates itself‘ has taken quite the center stage since the rise of Dance music to the forefront of the global music industry. While the industry’s various mechanisms jog on, with hundreds of new festivals cropping up across the face of the globe; new producers and DJs taking up the trade, each week; and swathes of new music and promoters rising across the continents, it is ultimately a fair argument that dance music is a bigger game than ever before. And in a game that is played at such a decentralized level with only a few out and out big festivals, artists and arenas, what remains a calling is the need for a one-stop inventory, that one centralizing force, that underpins the industry. In comes Viberate.

Viberate is, in the words of its co-founder veteran DJ and producer Umek , ‘a global music network that gives every artist the opportunity to showcase and promote their work to the right people’. Essentially, it is a new age platform for artists to showcase all that they are offering to the audiences and fans. It strings together bits and pieces of the artist’s online presence to create a live and real-time profile of the artist, to present their latest releases, social media posts and upcoming gigs and performances for all to view. While structures like this may have existed earlier, Viberate is a one-stop platform for all the information and is quite adept at providing all the information at a single glance.

Viberate SS

If Umek’s latest words are anything to go by, close to a million artists, venues, events, and festivals have been listed on the platform so far. As far as venues go, the websites features a stellar repository of over 130,000 venues around the world, which can be sorted by genre, location and capacity among other such filters. This is a feature that is bound to result in letting artists target their gigs towards the correct audiences and promoters.

What’s more is that this is a free service. Another great aspect of it is that while it may have started at the hands of a few, the individual pages for artists, events, venues among other things can be completely set up from scratch by fans and website visitors. While the data of all such entries would belong to the artists or events, who will be allocated a specific ID, the information would be available for all to enjoy and utilize.

The website provides a platform to present artist and event profiles in real-time, with all material information such as upcoming shows, latest releases as well as aggregate artists’ social media content and highlight the hottest content in real time. While a few comparisons have been made to the IMDb platform which maps the ecosystem of the film industry, Viberate goes far and wide beyond just mere cataloging. It is as living and breathing as the industry is boisterous.

Visit the Viberate Website here.

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