New EDM Ghost Production Platform Ghost Nation Launches

In some aspects, ghost producers are some of the most important people when it comes to the creation of tracks for some artists. The hidden geniuses behind some massive tracks, they are the unsung heroes of the track creation process and now, there is a service dedicated to ghost producers themselves called Ghost Nation.

Newly launched this year, Ghost Nation is a unique website and service. They allow producers to purchase their tracks and release them as their own meaning that they are entitled to 100% of the royalties made from the track. They specialise in all kinds of EDM genres including: progressive, big room, trance, techno and way way more.

Focusing on track quality and customer care at the forefront of their business, they offer a range of services including: requesting custom ghost productions, MIDI writing, mixing, mastering and more. With a support team that will dedicate their time to you individually, you will always receive the customer care that you need and expect with financial and legal safety.

Their ghost producers even work alongside huge imprints such as: Armada, Revealed Recordings, NCS, Trap City, Trap Nation, Future House Music and the list just goes on and on.

With such low prices for massive quality work that will always be delivered on time, Ghost Nation is bound to kick off and become one of the biggest leading ghost production services in the industry. Visit their website here for more information!

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