Nicky Romero, Mike Williams, Amba Shepard

Nicky Romero, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd – Dynamite

When two exciting and dynamic artists get together for a collaboration it can be insanely explosive. Even better when it’s a seasoned pro and a newcomer linking up to excite the industry together, proving that all artists from different leagues can work amazingly together. The master Nicky Romero and rising star Mike Williams are enforcing this by teaming up together for a fresh and exciting collaboration. As always, Nicky Romero has worked hard to prove that he has made 2019 his year to shine bright with multiple releases which have all exceeded expectations and soared with huge streaming numbers. On the other hand, Mike Williams has done equally as well this year too. Being chosen as the supporting act at the massive Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) to launching his own clothing line ‘Milliams’ and playing on the Tomorrowland Mainstage, he is absolutely smashing everything that comes his way with great effort. With all that said, it’s clear that whatever Nicky Romero and Mike Williams cook up together will be a huge hit.

‘Dynamite’ is the collaboration between the pair and if the name is anything to go by, it’s going to be explosive. Also featuring vocalist Amba Shepherd as the third collaborator, she is one of the edm industry’s most sought after vocalists with previous collaborators being the likes of HardwellNERVO and Laidback Luke. The track itself is extremely unique as it still fits within the euphoric world of progressive house but has a lot of big room melodies, showcasing the best of both producer’s abilities and styles. Amba Shepherd’s vocals fit beautifully in the world of the track as usual, and was easily worth the wait with Nicky Romero teasing this collaboration at this year’s Tomorrowland.

Nicky Romero and Mike Williams have made explosive magic together, and you can listen to the original and extended mix on Spotify now.

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