The Gift – Lane 8

Medolic house producer Lane 8‘s new song titled, The Gift is a 4-minute flow of exquisite instrumentals and melody. This song takes the listener on a journey whether it is in the club, at a magical music festival, or if you’re just jammin’ out in your car. “The Gift” is the perfect combination of chill easy listen vibe and an upbeat house song. Lane 8 has been producing sensational beats since 2012 and each one has a unique sound.

Listening to “The Gift” for the first time will ensure the listener can’t help but dance or at least bop their head. This beat is catchy, smooth and will make you feel. “The Gift” is not just a mere club track, it is a song that will free your mind and send a smooth flow through your body. Lane 8 is known for encouraging fans at his shows to put their phones away and encouraging audience members to live in the moment. This song, “The Gift” along with many other of Lane 8’s creative melodies is definitely a song one would not want to miss live. Immersing your mind and body into this song will allow the listener to fully experience the light instrumentals along with the gentle house beat.

Check out the track in full below.

24-year-old born and raised in Massachusetts. I attended my first festival in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the music, the culture, and the majestic vibes. Some of my all-time favorite artists are Alison Wonderland, Slander, Seven Lions, and FISHER. I graduated with a degree in psychology and am seeking to start a career in the music industry! I love the beach, going for hikes and runs, music and delicious vegan food!

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