Justice is giving away 4 lifetime passes for any of their shows

With the release of ‘IRIS – A space opera by Justice’, Justice is also now offering an ‘Ultimate Pack’ for their biggest fans. Now, Justice has announced that they’ll be giving 4 lifetime passes to any of their club, concert or festival gigs if you’re lucky enough to get one of the Ultimate Packs that includes a golden ticket.

The Ultimate Pack is limited to 1000 copies of which the first 250 are signed by Justice, which makes them real collector’s items. Aside from the Blu-Ray of ‘IRIS – A space opera by Justice’, which includes a recording from their life performance of Woman Worldwide in Paris, the Ultimate pack includes an IRIS satin varsity jacket, a 16 gigabyte USB keycard, 2 60mm enamelled badges as well as an IRIS metal keychain, 3 lobby cards with golden stickers, a vinyl felt mat and an IRIS poster. If you are lucky enough to get packs #001, #333, #666 or #999, they will include the golden ticket granting you lifetime access to any of their shows. The VHS box and Blu-Ray are already sold out so if you’re wanting a copy of IRIS, you’ll need to grab deep into your pocket as the Ultimate Pack is the only available option to purchase this priced at 299€.

For more information on the Justice lifetime passes, check out the Justice online store, however, should you be looking to grab an Ultimate Pack, be quick, as a lot of these are they’re limited to 1000 copies.

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