ARTBAT releases remix for Sono’s classic ‘Keep Control’: Listen

ARTBAT keep their momentum going with an eclectic take on Sono’s all time classic ‘Keep Control’.

20 years ago, German group Sono released the classic house tune, ‘Keep Control’, which was the lead tune from their debut album ‘Solid State’. Featuring vocals from Lennart Saloman and a hypnotic triplet lead, the track reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart in 2001, where it remained for 4 weeks. Despite failing to chart above No. 93 in the group’s home dance charts, Sono had certainly made an impact in the US. The track has spawned numerous remixes since, and the latest one has just rolled in from one of the hottest names in the industry right now.

20 years later, ARTBAT have added their own twist to the original, refreshing it for the new decade. The track tends to favour the realm of modern house and techno, which fits with the usual feel that resonates from an ARTBAT release. It still features Saloman’s vocals, and a baseline and lead that is reminiscent of the original, but incorporates a more aggressive lead that is sure to please modern ravers.

Old and young ravers alike are sure to enjoy the fresh dose of nostalgia that this remix of ‘Keep Control’ brings, and will likely appreciate the modern twist and energy that ARTBAT have infused into this remix, whilst paying respect and maintaining the essence of the original masterpiece.

Have a listen below to this impeccable remix, and let us know what you think by commenting on our post!


Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)

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