Ashlee.k returns with more heat in the form of new single ‘Keep Shaking It’

Always musically inclined, Ashlee.k has had a passion for the art running through his veins since a very young age. It was that very same passion that lead him to brand himself as the electronic boundary pusher that he is today. With a rising fan base that is continuing to grow each time he releases another fantastic original production, he is ready to make the new decade his and truly take it by storm. His unique masking is helping to brand himself as someone who completely stands out from the crowd. With talents across more than just the electronic genre – with his influences stemming from playing the guitar and eastern folk and classic genres – he is one force to be reckoned with.

Out on all major platforms now is the latest heater by Ashlee.k titled ‘Keep Shaking It’ and as the title suggest, it’s a party anthem. This track couldn’t be a better showcase of the incredible talent ability for the German-based party starter, and with this one following the release of fun track KFC‘ it proves that he can deliver each and every time. The drop in ‘Keep Shaking It’ makes you want to do what’s exactly in the title and allows for serious moves to be made on the dancefloor. The simple yet catchy lyrics will be bound to be stuck in your head with no end in sight so get ready for your new track obsession!

Out now, this is Ashlee.k’s ‘Keep Shaking It’.


Image Credit: Ashlee.k (Press)


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