DJ Snake

DJ Snake had an epic night initiating the largest wall of death in electronic music history

Accomplishing everything he dreams of and more, DJ Snake’s motivation to stay true to his festival ready sound does not go unnoticed. After having his 2019 single ‘Frequency 75’  featured in the Fast and Furious 9 trailer, his adrenaline pumping music has gathered fans from all around the world to get a taste of his one of a kind production style. Whether his fans are in Tokyo, Japan or Mumbai, India, DJ Snake always makes the effort to engage with his fan base whether it be surprise meet and greet’s or even a simple picture together. Now if we are talking about making history in the electronic music industry, DJ Snake has one again played a key role in revolutionizing the industry by firing up an epic wall of death with around 40,000 attendees joining him at the Paris La Défense Arena for the largest single-day music event in Europe.

Sharing the video of the iconic wall of death on his official Twitter page, if there is one thing we can take away from the video, it is that legendary status has been granted to DJ Snake. Shaking the ground with thousands of attendees ready to partake in a historic moment, DJ Snake has once again initiated pure madness to the dance floor. With clear attention to sound design, the video also features his unreleased tune which incorporates colossal amounts of bass and high pitched frequencies to fire up the attendees. Not much information has been shared regarding the release date of the single, however. for now all we can say is WOW.

Check out the epic wall of death below and let us know where you will be catching the next DJ Snake show.

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