Seven Lions

Seven Lions set for the first release of 2020

After playing out his ID during many previous live acts, the American DJ and record producer Jeff Montalvo (popularly known as Seven Lions) is set to release it this week. Teaming up alongside the Los Angeles based songwriter and vocalist Tyler Graves, the single titled “Only Now” will be out on Friday.

Both Tyler Graves and Seven Lions were super excited to announce this single on Twitter as “Only You “is Montalvo’s first solo release since 2018. It will be released on his record label, Ophelia.

After Seven Lions’ inclusion in the line-ups of major upcoming festivals like Sunset and Bonnaroo, this reveal serves as an even better piece of good news for all Electro House and Melodic Dubstep fans across the world. According to the 32-year-old American producer, Only Now “was one of the most asked songs” when he teased it during live sets.

Meanwhile, Ophelia records have been on a roll this year with a lot of emerging artists and exhilarating releases. The label took one step closer towards absolute dominance in January. Jason Ross’ album 1000 Faces became the first album release for Ophelia. On such a note, Montalvo’s much-awaited single will only add delight to the label’s future.


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