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Live Nation forced to postpone all tours due to COVID-19

The music industry has been severely affected by the Coronavirus outbreak across the world. Major festivals and live acts have been canceled or postponed over the past few days. Turns out that record labels and production companies have also taken a blow amidst this world catastrophe. It was earlier reported that Live Nation has suffered huge losses. due to the outbreak. But now, the event promotion-based entertainment company has postponed all of its touring shows.

The announcement will be applicable on both the international and domestic Live Nation tours. This decision will have an impact on the live acts of renowned artists including Billie Eilish and Post Malone. As far as the company’s own welfare is concerned, the employees have been advised to carry out their tasks remotely so as to avoid any casualties due to COVID-19.

At the time of writing, there is no concrete information regarding the postponed dates of Live Nation shows. However, the American franchise will evaluate the situation at the beginning of April and the fans might get to witness the commencement of their tours in either May or June. The shows scheduled on Friday; 13th March will go on without any changes, according to the reports.

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