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Armin van Buuren & Tom Staar feat. Mosimann – Still Better Off

Armin van Buuren has drafted in the pristine talents of Tom Staar and Mosimann in a boisterous new tune Still Better Off’.

Amongst the doom and gloom of the ongoing pandemic, your favourite DJs still continue to release brilliant new music and any fans of trance will have noticed a fresh collaborative release has come our way from titan Armin van Buuren this week.

This brand new Armada Music track flaunts van Buuren’s ever-growing versatility, also combining the signature sounds of groove and house music icon Tom Staar, and the multitalented Swiss producer/vocalist Mosimann. Although an unlikely collaboration the track makes sense in the way it is crafted immaculately. Staar typically provides Still Better Off’ with unrelenting energy, with the drums and rumbling basslines reminiscent of his previous tracks ‘This Ain’t Techno‘ and ‘Bombs Away’. Tom and Armin also have their fingerprints all over the track’s dynamic top-lines with van Buuren seemingly providing the volume to a mighty melody. The pair lay a perfect platform for Mosimann to drive through his tantalising vocals too, emphatically cementing himself on yet another dance anthem sure to see a lot of playtime once live events return.

As a dazzling example of the sublime production qualities of a unlikely trio, be sure to check out the vibrant ‘Still Better Off‘ below!


Image Credit: Bart Heemskerk / Provided by Armada PR

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