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Kölsch believes “incredible music” on the way in 2021 due to extra studio time

Danish techno maestro Kölsch has told Tomorrowland he believes that time off from touring during the coronavirus pandemic will mean we will see more “incredible music” release next year. With some of his major dates now cancelled and postponed, Tomorrowland sat down with the 43-year-old to discuss life during and beyond the on-going pandemic.

After sadly losing a family member to COVID-19, the Dane has found things especially tough over the past few months but believes “we are doing the right thing to contain the virus”. Having to stay at home, he also detailed how he has been particularly reflective upon how he intends to move his craft forward during this time. It appears he is back in studio though, and has been actively “sending music back and forth” to other artists. Describing this time as a “surge in creativity between producers” and firmly believes that “there will be incredible music coming out next year, no question”.

Having just released a dazzling EP in “Time/Sleeper Must Awaken” last month, Kölsch hopefully still has much more music to give later in the year beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Taking the hints from the Tomorrowland interview, we hope that some of his future releases come in the form of some remarkable collaborative projects that he might be working on now; we guess time will tell!


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