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AI Accident – Just Killers From Space Again
AI Accident
Image Credit: Pixbo Productions www.pixboproductions.com

AI Accident – Just Killers From Space Again

Home Uncategorized AI Accident – Just Killers From Space Again

AI Accident, the second project from Joakim Bergman, is a very interesting and unique artist to say the least. Getting inspiration from the synthwave genre and other interesting genres such as spoken word, deep house, techno and more, all of this comes together to form the alias AI Accident. Unlike anything you’ve heard before, his music will take you on a trip. Leaving behind his first alias X-Bit Moose, he is now fully focused on making the new alias a fully realised and established project. The up-and-coming talent has just released his debut track and it makes for a very fun listening experience.

‘Just Killers From Space Again’ is super interesting and different from the get-go. Combining spoken word tidbits from film, he goes straight into the dreamy word of synthwave and takes you on a full trip to space with the hypnotic synths that feel impossible to draw yourself away from. Dynamic, dreamy and psychedelic are all words that have been used to describe this track but the feeling of ‘Just Killers From Space’ is hard to describe itself unless you’re listening to it. Feeling completely other-worldly, this is a fantastic production to say the least and deserves massive amounts of attention from not only his growing fanbase but from the world.

If this is what we can expect from AI Accident, then we’re very excited to see how his career develops further. Watch the music video below, and stream the track on Spotify here.

Image Credit: Pixbo Productions

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