Armin van Buuren Ibiza 2 by Bart Heemskerk

Armin van Buuren drops a deep-chills based album called ‘Relaxed’: Listen

The iconic Dutch producer Armin van Buuren has been influencing the world of dance music for more than a couple of decades now. Over the years, he has filled his discography with some of the most iconic tunes ranging over all kinds of trance genres and uplifting variations of house music. But quarantine calls for a change and that’s exactly what his new album “Relaxed” represents. The 30-track long LP consisting of chill-out versions of his legendary tracks is out now via Armada Music.

Representing a collaborative effort of various artists including Lost Frequencies, Eelke Kleijn, Pretty Pink, Just Her, Chris Koelle, the album “Relaxed” is no less than a blessing for all the downtempo and deep chill-house lovers out there. The fact that the LP also contains acoustic versions of Armin’s evergreen hits like All On Me, All Comes Down, and Going Wrong makes this release even more special for people like me who have been closely following his music for a long time.

Any list of the all-time hits from Armin van Buuren is incomplete without the progressive trance anthem This Is What It Feels Like. So it’s no surprise to see two remixes (by Koelle and John Ebonk) of the iconic track for this album. On the other hand, Eelke Kleijn has brought back the memories from 2009 by featuring Day and Night mixes of Blue Fear, another global hit from Armin which he described as a track that came out while he was trying some things at the studio at the age of 19. From a broader perspective, Relaxed is full of masterpieces that have added fresh vibes to some of the best records from Armin’s discography. Although it would be unfair to describe the genius of this album by naming a handful of tracks, I would still mention that the tunes from Relaxed that are still stuck in my head are Make It Right (Trinix Remix), Heading Up High (IHF Remix), and Waiting For The Night (Rodg Chill Mix).

Don’t just take my opinion for it, check out the complete album and tell me what’s your favorite-


Image Credit: Bart Heemskerk / Provided by Armada PR

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