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Calvin Harris sued by neighbour after failing to repair damages to his home

After allegedly neglecting dangerous issues with his Bel-Air home, Calvin Harris is being sued by his neighbour for failing to fix them and putting those around the house at risk.

The problem appears to have stemmed from some faulty pipework, according to TMZ who have obtained the suit. The pipes are allegedly leaking water downhill towards another driveway and an access road and is causing driving conditions to become hazardous with car tires spinning out due to the excess liquid.

Having already been cited twice for said issue, the Scottish DJ and Producer has attempted to stop the flow, using some sandbags to slow the leak down on to the road. The claimant believes this is not a sufficient resolution to the problem and has subsequently followed up with the suit.

The claim doesn’t stop there, however, as the neighbour has reported that there are also problems with his retaining wall which may be putting her property under peril. With her house below the 36-year old’s $14 million mansion, material could fall down on to the same road and another’s property. Calvin Harris is being sued for loss of property value and mental and emotional distress.

Adam Richard Wiles (Calvin Harris’s real name), one of the worlds most well paid DJ’s according to Forbes, bought the house back in 2018. It spans 2.34 acres of land with its own tennis court and guest facilities.

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