Stadiumx discuss the future of their new label “Sub Religion” and summer without touring: Exclusive Interview

With the release of their awe-inspiring new single, “Be Mine”, Hungarian duo Stadiumx are looking to new horizons, building upon their legacy by launching a brand new label Sub Religion Records.

Working together since 2009, Dávid Nagy and Zsolt “Sully” Milichovszki have established themselves together as one of the leading names on the future/progressive house scene. Stadiumx have seen huge success over the past decade with a plethora of outstanding releases across a variety of reputable record labels, finding their feet with arguably their most iconic hit “Howl At The Moon” back in 2014 on Protocol Recordings. Since then they have accumulated millions of streams with singles and remixes alike, working with the likes of Nicky Romero (“Rise” & “Love You Forever”), Metrush and AYOR along the way.

Right now though, 2020 has brought along its own challenges, however, the boys have persevered and it appears that they have been incredibly productive both in and outside of the studio. The future progressive house duo have so far released two originals this year; the first “Sweet Harmony” alongside LUX preceded their latest “Be Mine” in collaboration with Sam Martin. 

“Be Mine” is a very personal record for the pair, released 24th April, as it marks the first release on their newly launched record label Sub Religion Records. Here at We Rave You, we had the pleasure interviewing them and delving into the minds of the creatives behind the forward-thinking imprint and also found out what else they had planned for the rest of the year and beyond.


Dávid & Sully, how are you both and what have you been up to during these strange times to replace the time you would have spent touring?

Thank you very much, we’re fine. Unfortunately this is a difficult situation for everyone right now, regardless of profession. We are trying to focus on positive things and we hope that everything will be restored soon.


You were clearly very busy before we went into lockdown and we want to congratulate you on the start-up of your new label “Sub Religion Records”. What brought you to the idea of starting your own label, and why ‘Sub Religion’ as the name? 

Thanks! The idea of a label has been discussed for many years already. We both agreed that we wanted to do it but it was important that all the conditions were given as well. In the case of a label not only the music is important but also the whole team behind it. Now we felt the time had come to take that opportunity and launch the label with the best team we can have. The name ’Sub Religion’ basically came from the theory that we speak a common language through music and music connects us. This is a philosophy we believe in. It’s a positive way of thinking that has been around since we started playing or producing music.


What else do we have to look forward to on Sub Religion Records moving into the rest of 2020 and beyond?

We want to focus on quality and outstanding music with the label. We will work with other producers and artists as well who dare to be different. Genre or sound-wise the label will focus on the Future Progressive sound.


Your first release on Sub Religion was just released – “Be Mine” together with Sam Martin. What inspired the track and why did you choose Sam for the vocals?

We first met Sam’s name when we did a remix for Sultan & Ned Shepard years ago. When we got the stems we already found his voice amazing. Back then, unfortunately we couldn’t work together but later we would do a remix for David Guetta’s song “Lovers On The Sun” which Sam also sang and we loved working on the song. Then we decided to do a song together. This became “Love You Forever” with Nicky Romero, so officially this is the second song we did together and it’s a fantastic feeling to work with him again.


Are there any other exciting projects that you have in the pipeline to follow up “Be Mine” and can we look forward to any collaborations? 

There’s crazy amount of music we want to put out on the label and a lot of collabs that we’re super excited to share with you. We have an amazing remix package for “Be Mine” as well which will also be released soon. This month (May) we will put out 2 new Stadiumx originals followed by a collab in June.


What is your summer looking like now that you won’t be playing as many shows?

We’re sad about the whole situation and that we can’t start touring or play at amazing festivals especially because of the label; we’ve a lot of great songs that we want to play for you in the sets. For a DJ, summer is the best time anyway but unfortunately this year won’t be like that. We spend a lot of time in the studio, working on a lot of music and this year we will release 2 Stadiumx originals every month on Sub Religion and on different labels we’ve been working with already.


If you had to become a trio for just one special show, which fellow artist would you choose to perform with you and why?

Nicky Romero! We had a chance to play music together and we LOVED it! But there are number of interesting options out here, like David Guetta (that almost happened at Pacha actually one time) or Axwell or Steve Angello would be amazing too!


Obviously you are missing touring, but what would you say has been your favourite place to play in your career so far? 

In recent years we had the opportunity to play at Tomorrowland and we LOVE this festival very much. It’s so sad it won’t happen this year. Ibiza is also a lovely place for us, we love to go back every time.


Is there anything positive/inspirational you wish to say to our readers and your fans during this difficult time?

Stay safe and take care! We will see you on the dance floor very soon!


Check out Stadiumx with “Be Mine”, out now on Sub Religion Records below!




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