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Life Behind The Mic: Anabel Englund discusses collaborations with MK & Disciples [Magazine Exclusive]

You may not have realised it at the time, but the chances are, you’re Anabel Englund’s biggest fan. Perhaps you recall singing the anthemic chorus on the massive summer hit ‘So Hot’ last year when MK teamed up with Nightlapse to deliver one of the biggest remixes of the Ibiza 2019 season. You may have even reached for the volume dial in your car when powering along the motorway to the sounds of Hot Natured’s house classic, ‘Reverse Skydiving’. Or perhaps you’ve been soundtracking your lockdown playlists with the beats of the new Disciples & Lee Foss banger ‘Only The Gods’. All have a common connection, a binding force that helps fuse the hypnotic rhythms of these rich four-to-the-floor beats, with a powerful and emotive vocal performance.

That force – an irrepressible one at that – is Anabel Englund. The 27 year-old, hailing from South California, has already cemented a serious reputation as one of the industry’s most in-demand singer/songwriters, and in electronic music, Englund has found her calling. Regularly teaming up with Detroit’s very own house maestro Marc Kinchen, it was actually a meeting with Lee Foss and Hot Creations founder Jamie Jones that led to her work as part of ‘Hot Natured’, the mastermind act behind many of the decade’s most popular club tracks. But whilst the majority of dance-focused media place heavy emphasis on DJs, producers, and those who stand before us on festival mainstages, Anabel’s career is an equally fascinating tale. From her family origins and following in the limelight-paved footsteps of her Academy-Award winning grandmother Cloris Leachman, to working with Grammy-winner CID, and releasing on the iconic Defected Records. This is Anabel Englund’s story, of a life behind the mic.

Anabel! Tell us about your musical influences growing up and when/how you decided to venture into this industry as your chosen career.

Hey! Well… My influences were all over the place to be honest. From Madonna to The Dixie Chicks, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Third Eye Blind, they were pretty varied.”


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