Plans to reopen Spain nightlife to come with strict rules

Following months of lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, Spain is looking to reopen its nightlife, but under strict health and safety rules. At this moment, we’re sure most of us are keen to see live music events return as soon as possible and to see the dance music scene flourish once more across the globe. To bring these concepts and events back in safely, the Spanish government is coming up with a contingency plan for the near future. It appears the utmost precaution is being taken in order to avoid a second spike of the virus and to ensure venues reopen in a sustainable fashion; a variety of rules have been drawn up to allow a successful and safe return. Nightlife Spain, have proposed these rules and the government plans to adopt these in the coming days.

Some of the rules will include contactless card/phone payments to be used on payment card readers, wearing masks and drinking from reusable straws to avoid transmission. Furthermore, we are likely to see dance floors separated into designated dancing areas to maintain social distancing and whats more, we might see similar ideas apply to popular areas such as restrooms and VIP sections.

The rules won’t just consider customers though, as the government have also carefully considered the protection of venue staff. For example, we will see DJs get their own designated performing space and doormen will have reduced contact with queuing patrons by utilising a traffic light system at venue entryways.

As we have seen over in South Korea, the ignorance of the pandemic advice and rules at entertainment venues has caused a second spike of coronavirus cases to occur only week after they re-opened. For those that intend to head out again following the easing of lockdown procedures, be sure to adhere to government guidance for the benefit of the health of yourself, those around you, and the businesses who are trying to find their way back onto their feet at this difficult time.

Image Credit: Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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