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ADE conference is going virtual for 2020 edition

Not long ago, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) released some long awaited information regarding the status of their 2020 event. Currently, there is no definite cancellation so the party is still on – in some ways.

ADE’s conference program is the ultimate business and inspiration platform for the global electronic music industry, and is a great way to enhance skills, learn new ones and network amongst other things. It features dedicated programming for music professionals, aspiring DJs/producers and musicians, tech start-ups, brand and marketing managers and much more. Taking place through Wednesday to Saturday of the ADE week, this year we’ll see it come to life in a digital format. In a statement, the organisers said this:

“As travel to Amsterdam is limited for most of the broader international B2B audience, our 2020 conference program will take place as an online-focused format. As always, we will combine panels, masterclasses, and interactive Q&As with an extensive networking platform that enables ADE delegates to connect and meet up, both virtually as well as in real life.”

So, with ADE conference going digital, what does that mean for ADE as a whole? Speaking further about their events, the organisers also said this:

“As the interpretations and consequences of the countermeasures by the Dutch government are still unclear for a city-wide event such as ADE, the festival’s exact shape is currently uncertain. Clearly, the normal size and scope of the festival make it seriously challenging to ensure everyone’s health and safety, and so we are continuously reevaluating the situation in close cooperation with the government.”

So for now, it isn’t cancelled but the future still remains uncertain as the world rides out the COVID-19 pandemic. More updates will be made soon, but for now you can view their full statement on ADE conference and more here.


Image Credit: Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash

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