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Indoor events set to return in England

Whilst quite a few countries are finally seeing the final steps to total recovery in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has had, other countries are still slightly behind but are also taking big steps towards normality once again. As we all suspected, it seems music events are the last things to resume (in their proper capacity such as large-scale festivals and shows) but England has some good news regarding the state of their events scene.

It seems like England’s event scene is about to come back a lot sooner than anyone would’ve imagined. Revealed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a press conference that took place on July 17, August 1 is the set date for events to return. Measures will be taken place that comply with the safety rules regarding COVID-19 including electronic ticketing and having reduced capacity. To start with, performances at the London Palladium and Butlins holiday parks were chosen for the test runs to see how events run well with these new safety measures in place. Also given the go-ahead was reduced capacity festivals and open-air gigs.

The test events were marked as successful, and it comes at a great time for the music scene as it needs funding more than ever. More information will become available as it happens with press conferences happening regularly. To keep updated on COVID-19 in England, you can visit the government website here.


Image Credit: Daniel Gzz on Unsplash

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