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Avicii’s bonus tracks for debut album ‘True’ are now available on Spotify

Even though Avicii is no longer with us, we are still blessed to have his music to remember him. With a vast collection of unreleased tracks, fans are eager to hear what he had planned to release. Today, five bonus tracks were made available for his legendary album ‘True.’

For many around the world, these bonus tracks were already available due to them being part of their country’s ‘True’ edition. For example:

  • “Always On The Run” – Europe Amazon bonus track
  • “Long Road to Hell” & “Edom” – iTunes/UK CD bonus tracks
  • “Canyons” and “All You Need Is Love” – Spotify bonus tracks.
  • “EDOM” & “Levels” radio edit – Japan edition

Now all of them are available on Spotify under ‘True (Bonus Edition)’ and we could not be more excited. ‘EDOM’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’ became a fan favorite when Avicii played it in his early DJ years post-Levels. It is always refreshing to hear such anthems once again after many years, and moreover, having them in full studio quality.

It has been a big month for Avicii fans as we celebrated his debut album ‘True’ turning seven years old. What better way to celebrate than with some bonus tracks? Moreover, we celebrated his 31st birthday, and for mental health awareness month, Sirius XM dedicated a special show BPM Presents: Avicii Birthday Tribute for Mental Health Awareness. Make sure you check out the new bonus tracks for ‘True’ down below, as it will take you back to that classic sound Avicii is known for.

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