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Laidback Luke unveils deeply personal track ‘Rolling Stone’ feat. David Gonçalves: Listen

Keeping himself busy lately, Laidback Luke has been anything but laid back with releases upon releases and multiple fun livestream events slotted in-between the new music. Keeping his fans as happy as ever, he’s just released a new track which follows the drop of his last single ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ with GATTÜSO, and this one is a deeply personal and special track.

‘Rolling Stone’ details the life of balancing between responsibilities as a father and responsibilities as a world famous DJ who constantly travels the world. The track serves as a personal message to his three children, and allows him to look back upon past mistakes and past experiences knowing that right now, he’s in a great place with himself and his children. Laidback Luke has always been open about how hard it got balancing work and family life, and this track is a culmination of all he’s learnt during his journey.

The track itself takes from the iconic track ‘Papa Was a Rolling Stone’ by The Temptations (which tells the story of a rock and roll father through the perspective of a child), and Laidback Luke puts his own fantastic spin on it with the talents of David Gonçalves. Even injecting some energy into it through the drops, this is an overall strong production and you can listen to it below on Spotify now.


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