Hannah Wants reveals her breast cancer has returned for the second time

DJ Hannah Wants took to Instagram on Wednesday to inform her fans that her breast cancer has returned for the second time.

Hannah Wants was diagnosed back with breast cancer back in 2017 at just 30 years old, in which she underwent surgery to remove cancerous cells from her breast. She informed her followers that she had been experiencing pain near her surgery sight around May 2020 to which she learned that her cancer had not only returned to her breast but had spread to her axilla.

Within her Instagram post, Hannah Wants describes the tough situation of being alone and going through a second cancer diagnosis during a global pandemic.

“Because of COVID restrictions, I had to go solo which was a little tough… I remember really fighting the urge to sleep, trying not to be sick and putting on a brave face to the nurses to get home – I was on a one woman mission.”

She also revealed that she has decided to not go through with a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and/or surgery of any kind during her second battle. Instead, however, she is opting for radiotherapy and monthly injections of Zoladex, a hormone-based therapy designed to help fight cancer in the breast and prostate. She has also stated that she will continue to incorporate many other alternative treatments such as cannabis oils, IV courses, heavy metal detoxes, coffee enemas, ayahuasca, and “anything else that resonates” with her.

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Image Credit: Hannah Wants Facebook Page.