Purple Disco Machine

Kylie Minogue – Magic (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Kylie Minogue, the pop icon, continues to spread the good news and announces the release of the remix of ‘Magic‘ by Purple Disco Machine. Just a week after unveiling the tracklist for ‘Disco‘, her fifteenth studio album, which will come out on November 6th, she leaves us this remix.

‘Disco’ marks the return of the Australian singer to the releases, after ‘Golden‘ in 2018. This much-anticipated album seeks to amplify Kylie’s sound and present her as an experienced artist, capable of a mature and modern pop. So far, she has already stirred us with the release of two singles from the new album, ‘Say Something’ and ‘Magic’, which sound like an exquisite 70’s disco.

It is this spirit of ‘discotheque’ that unites the pop artist with Tino Piontek, aka, Purple Disco Machine, and the result is this dance remix of ‘Magic’. Purple Disco Machine is a well-known name in the disco scene, leading many Glitterbox parties in which his music shines more than a disco ball. With over 10 years of experience, the German DJ and music producer already has a long CV of remixing pop hits.

In the remix of ‘Magic’, Purple Disco Machine puts aside many of the vocals present in the original track, reserving all his attention to the chorus. ‘Do you believe in magic?’ Kylie Minogue and Purple Disco Machine must believe because they made it possible. Using his signature disco-house beats, he created a perfect fusion of the singer’s sensuality and the clubs’ classic energy. This remix can very well mark the return of Kylie Minogue to the dance floors, as soon as we return to them.

The album and its singles, including this remix, are in charge of BMG Recordings. Listen to the three-minute edit and the five-minute extended version of ‘Magic’ below.


Image Credit: Purple Disco Machine (Press)