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Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet sample Pulp Fiction classic theme in latest collab ‘Tarantino’: Listen

The iconic DJ and record producer Steve Aoki is set to amaze us all once again this year through his forthcoming 6OKI – Rave Royale’ EP. The Grammy-nominated artist received a lot of appreciation for his 6th studio album ‘Neon Future IV’ released back in April, but he had no intention of stopping right there so for the first track from his upcoming EP, he has joined forces with the star Australian producer Timmy Trumpet and the psytrance tycoon STARX to come up with the rave friendly banger called ‘Tarantino’, out now via Dim Mak Records.

Having previously teamed up for the hard dance tune Hava’, Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet have created a delightful combination of their characteristic sounds, blended with a touch of psytrance from Starx. They have used one of the most famous samples in the industry – the classic guitar riff from Pulp Fiction to recreate the good old vibes back from the 90s in a way that matches Steve’s idea of the ‘Rave Royal’ EP.

Here’s what Timmy Trumpet had to say about ‘Tarantino’ and working with Steve Aoki –

Working and touring with Steve is always wild but making this track was something else! We wanted to capture the craziness of life on the road in one track so people can party wherever they are in the world right now

Don’t forget to check out ‘Tarantino’ here –


Image Credit: Steve Aoki (Press) / Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

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