Avalan releases massive AMF 2020 anthem with AlterBoyz remix of ‘World We Know’

Hailing from Amsterdam, Avalan is a breakout star who’s rise to success is thanks to his incredible signature sound that has encapsulated the hearts – and ears – of many around the world. First donning the Avalan moniker in 2018, he impressed the AMF audience with a wonderful live set and it’s only been up from there. Now, he’s created the beautiful, soft, track ‘World We Know’ and the AlterBoyz remix has been chosen as the official AMF 2020 anthem.

Although AMF 2020 was completely different and we could not gather in person, it didn’t stop them from putting on one of their best shows yet in spectacular style, and the anthem reflects all the festivities that we were lucky to witness. The festival remix of ‘World We Know’ brings out all of the distinctive qualities of the original, and with surgeon-like precision it builds upon them and creates something massive. The track has two sides to it, one being the emotive and delicate and the other being energetic and festival-ready. ‘World We Know’ reflects how we all feel in the current situation the world is faced with, and creates a perfect accompaniment to combat the lack of freedom we have right now. With a stunning soundscape that is further enriched by Avalan’s powerful vocals, the remix side turns this into a progressive anthem which is bound to get stuck in people’s heads for a long time. The pulsating synths and hard-hitting kick drums create a build-up that leads up to the earth-shaking drop full of energy that makes it perfectly fitting to be the AMF anthem of the year.

Watch the official music video below, and stream the track on Spotify here.

Image Credit: Rudgr.com

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