Bandcamp announces ticketed live streaming service

Were you thinking about doing a live stream? Would you like to be able to charge for a ticket? What if you sold your merchandise during the DJ set? Triple yes to that. Bandcamp introduces Live, a new streaming platform to stream ticketed events and shows with integrations to the online store.

2020 is the year of the pandemic and when we most read the term live stream. For the reasons we all know, music consumption has changed. Until times shift, the safest way to listen to live music is from a distance via streaming. Some of the most iconic and large-scale events have been putting on their own virtual editions for a fee, selling tickets to the digital experience. But what about live streams from artists and events that don’t have their own platforms? Will they still be unable to monetize their work? Maybe not, thanks to Bandcamp. Live is your streaming made easy. Artists can do it easily and autonomously as they have full control of the event. For the transmission, they only need to use OBS or any other broadcast system, a computer, camera and microphone. As it is integrated with Bandcamp accounts, fans are automatically notified of the existence of an event. During the DJ set, the audience can communicate through a chat and acquire music and merchandising. In exchange for what? 10% of the ticket price, which is defined by the artist. Until March 31 2021, Bandcamp are waiving their cut.

Bandcamp asserted itself as a totally different approach, giving primacy to the artist and leaving to his description the attribution of the fairest value for his music and products. This made the platform cherished by many artists, especially the independent ones. Live reflects the same concept.

Applications such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch have lost the love of some artists following copyright infringement issues, turning the present the perfect timing for Bandcamp Live to gain ground. However, there is still no information on how this new tool will handle the complex legal landscape.

Streaming, marketing, ticketing… All in one platform.
Access to more information about Bandcamp Live here.


Image Credit: Rodolfo Quirós (Pexels)