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Being in the early stages of a musical career, in most cases, this has to be reconciled with other compulsory activities such as school or work. We all know very well that you don’t become a star right away, and it usually takes years & years of hard work, networking, and a bit of luck. Everything comes with time and it is practically quite tough for most of the artists to start this adventure without an additional source of income. Another important point is that nowadays it is not enough to create great music to achieve success. Music promotion these days is as important as the craft itself. Due to the highly competitive market, a lot of time needs to be spent on music promotion activities such as social media, cover and music video creation, mix and mastering, marketing activities, or searching and contacting collaborators. Thanks to Boost Collective you will save an unimaginable amount of time, you won’t have to distract yourself from making music and you will be able to focus on it with a few times more power. If you have been looking for services for affordable yet high-quality music promotion, look no further as we have something quite interesting for you.

Who’s Boost Collective? It’s a team of successful people that have worked with tons of artists on a mass amount of different patches. For now, Boost Collective is doing work for you, so you can save time and focus on music.


With Boost Collective, you can request tasks in 15 different sections, and within max 3 days, all of them will be done. Boost Collective offers these:

  • making social media posts,
  • blog features,
  • cover art creation,
  • music video creation,
  • Spotify playlist features,
  • music mastering,
  • SoundCloud reposts,
  • finding collaborators,
  • finding & pitching blogs,
  • booking gigs in your area,
  • 1-on-1 strategy calls,
  • music advertising,
  • Music press release distribution,
  • SoundCloud plays,
  • making a banger,
  • beat instrumentals.

To get started, you’ll need to get some Boost Collective credits. Then comes the fun part – pick a task that interests you the most, use your credits on it, and Boost Collective will do the rest.

Based on the current industry trends we believe that music promotion services provided by Boost Collective are of great value. Services like music video creation. social media posting, blog feature, Spotify playlist feature have become an essential part of growing as an artist, and Boost Collective does a handsome job in taking care of these. We all know how tough it is to get good Spotify placements, growing social media, creating music videos, and at the same time focus on music. Having someone else to take care of these music promotion services while you concentrate on music is definitely quite a big help to the artist. Check the video down below to know a bit more about what Boost Collective is about.


Boost Collective is out now. Try Boost Collective by clicking here.


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