Zafrir discusses working with big names, influences and what’s next: Interview

Hailing from Israel, the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist talent Zafrir has built a name and reputation for himself by working his way up the ranks to become one of the most prolific names around right now. Working with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet and many more, his name is tied to some of the electronic music worlds hottest tracks. Starting at the young age of 16, his production skills are truly out of this world and We Rave You had the chance to talk to him and get the lowdown on his influences, behind the scenes work and more.


How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I have been a producer for about 7 years, the origin of my music comes from classic music and ancient folklore music from different places around the world. My biggest vision is to combine ancient cultures and new production and sound.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on you productions?

My biggest influences are ChopinClaude Debussy and Yanni. There’s not many artists that have had the chance to work with a long list of some of the top DJs in the world more than once. It’s definitely part of what sets him apart from the others in the industry, and we wanted to know what his creative process is like.

When collaborating with big artists such as Armin van Buuren, KSHMR and Vini Vici, what is the process like? Do you approach collaborations differently than with other productions?

When I create music, my process is first of all to compose and create main hook lines. In every production i’m searching for different sources for my hooks. It can be an audience, an African tribe, special instruments, gypsy choirs etc.

Topping the last question, what is it like to work with these big names? What have your experiences been like when creating with fellow producers?

It feels amazing to work with big producers, because I can learn a lot from them and every one has their own special way of thinking.


Something that went viral was a video of Alok dropping ‘Vale Vale’ in Brazil. The sheer number of people that turned out to see him was more than impressive, but something that stood out was everyone singing the hook in unison, the very same hook that Zafrir created.

Speaking about the track ‘Vale Vale’, what was your first reaction when you saw 2 million people singing your hooks when Alok dropped the record in Brazil?

It was super exciting to pass the process like that from the studio, with the people I recorded, to 2 million people in Brazil.



Not just a DJ, Zafrir is extremely talented in other aspects of the music world. Name an instrument, and he can more than likely play it.

As many may know, you’re a multi-instrumentalist. What’s your favourite instrument to play and why?

I don’t have a favourite instrument, it depends on the time and how I feel, for example in the winter most of the time I prefer to play on the piano or harp.

For those who haven’t been to a Zafrir live show, what can they expect? Talk us through what a typical live performance for you is like. 

I perform a DJ set with my live instruments. I believe that the energy of the live instruments gives another aspect to the electronic world, and it allows me to express myself better.


Obviously, this year has been very different, much different from what we all could have expected. Many artists have had their different ways of dealing with the situation, whether it be putting their heads down to creative more than ever, or getting to spend quality time relaxing and being with close friends and family.

On a different subject, looking at the whole COVID-19 situation and its impact, how did it affect you as an artist? Did quarantine encourage or damage your artistic creativity?

From one side it is difficult because there are no live shows and it is impossible to feel the audience and people, but on the other hand there’s so much time to learn new things and take my creativity to new levels.

What are you looking forward to most when this situation is over?

When this situation is over I will plan to start touring all over the world.


Image Credit: Zafrir (Press)


Zafrir has an extremely impressive discography (which you can listen to here), and we wanted to talk about one track that particularly stands out within his releases, with Timmy Trumpet and KSHMR.

Coming back to your productions, earlier last year you released The Prayer’ alongside Timmy Trumpet and KSHMR. Could you tell us a bit about this collaboration?

First of all i’m very happy that I had the opportunity to work with big and special artists like KSHMR and Timmy Trumpet. I had an idea to bring a Viking war singing to the hardstyle sound and I am very happy that it works so well.

What does the rest of 2020 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations? Any interesting activities in the pipeline?

I’m working on lots of new music, and a big release with KSHMR. We are doing a special production and you will hear sounds from our music in Israel.


Until that mysterious collaboration with KSHMR makes it way to our ears, you can get a taste of what Zafrir’s sound is like below.


Image Credit: Zafrir (Press)

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