Germany rises art and culture funding up to €2.1 billion for 2021

Germany is standing out as an example of how to save the music and entertainment industry, unlike many other countries. Last week, the German parliament committee has approved the increase of its art and culture funding to 2.1 billion euros for next year.

Germany is a landmark of EDM, is the home of techno, the capital of raves, an important name in the electronic music industry. We know it, you know it and Germans know it too. That is why the German government decided to help one of the country’s most important industries. Committed to rebuilding the cultural and entertainment businesses, Germany designed a plan that included the creation of the Neustart Kultur project. To resurrect the music industry, they designated a recovery plan of 150 million euros. Now this relief package was raised up to 2.1 billion euros, or so is expected, as this measure is still pending approval from the upper house in the parliament. In a statement from the Culture Minister Monika Grüttters we can read:

‘We invest in Germany’s cultural infrastructure and thus direct our gaze towards the future. This strong commitment by parliament to culture and media is a major signal in these difficult times.’

This isn’t the first measure that Germany implemented in order to save the entertainment industry. Back in March, an emergency coronavirus fund for musicians worth up to 40 million euros was launched. Later on, in October, club events were designated as concerts so venues could reduce the tax payments regarding ticket sales. Germany is undoubtedly determined to save its entertainment industry and will save it. The rest of the world? Maybe it’s time to start following Germany’s steps and implement some rescue measures.

Image Credit: Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash