Vinyl album sales in America hit an all-time high this month

Vinyl is back and as popular as ever. With vinyl, it gives artists to explore their creative/design freedom and create some super special and limited vinyl album releases, allowing people to grow a collection. This month, vinyl sales in America have hit an all-time high.

Why this month though? It’s simple: holiday shopping. With many buying vinyl albums to gift to family members and friends, it has boosted those numbers at a big rate, for the second time in a month. 1.445 million records were sold in the week ending December 17, which was up 9% from the week before. Also impressively enough, that was the biggest week for sales that Nielsen Music/MRC Data has seen since all the way back in 1991.

Assorted colour varients which many artists put out definitely contributes to the sales. Many have more than one type/colour of vinyl on offer, and avid fans want to collect every single of them. December saw three weeks of sales hitting the million mark, which has not been done since December 2019, which proves that the festive season is the time to buy vinyl albums.

Record Store Day – a day that helps to boost sales from independent vinyl album shops, where many artists come together to release RSD exclusives – also helped with the numbers. They did a Black Friday event where they sold some exclusives from the likes of Fleetwood MacMy Chemical Romance and The Weeknd.

What’s been your favourite vinyl album release of 2020? What does your collection look like? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Eric Krull on Unsplash

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