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Review: Baby Audio – Spaced Out VST Plugin

Baby Audio, a plugin manufacturer company from Los Angeles recently rolled out its fifth plugin called Spaced Out. The plugin is an FX generator that allows you to treat your sounds and vocals in different environments. As quoted by Baby Audio, over 50 individual effects were combined in creating this plugin. Down below is our in-depth review of Baby Audio’s Spaced Out VST Plugin.


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Spaced Out primarily has 3 sections namely Echoes, Space & Central Mixer.

Echoes section consists of a 16 step delay sequencer synced to the DAW’s Tempo. Sequencer based echo is a pretty unique feature and allows you to get quite creative with echo reflections of your sound. The plugin however doesn’t have an option of frequency-based delay modulations but provides you the option to switch between modes like Straight, 2X, Dotted & Triplet. The Echoes section further has 5 more features that let you modify the intensity, dimension(wideness) & texture of the sound along with the option of reversing it and passing it through a low/high pass filter.

Space section is majorly a reverb section. You can emulate your sounds in 4 different spaces namely Vaccum, Small Space, Medium Space & Outer Space. You can adjust the dampness, shimmer, width & frequency spectrum of the reverb as well.

The Central Mixer section allows seamless morphing between Echoes/Space & Wet/Dry Signals. It also provides helpful features like Sidechaining the Wet signal with the dry.

The plugin comes in with 125 high quality presets created by the Baby Audio team and professional music producers and engineers.


Baby Audio Spaced Out VST Plugin is available for an introductory price of $39.00 for a limited time (regular price: $69.00).


Spaced Out VST Plugin combines two of the most important effects(reverb & delay) and glues them in a creative manner never experienced before. The reverb section is majorly what you would expect from a modern-day reverb plugin however the Echoes section makes Spaced Out stand apart.


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Image Credits: Baby Audio

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