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25 Best New Tech House Songs on Spotify

Everything started with house music in Chicago during the ’80s. Ever since then, such a high number of subgenres evolved, that the lines became so thin between many of them, that they started to overlap with each other. That is exactly what happened early on in the ’90s with techno and house, when DJs started to showcase the best elements of both worlds, creating so-called “tech house” songs. The groovy and melodic chord progressions keeps clubbers dancing all night while they are still surrounded by an often dark vibe of tech-house tunes. Many people find it impersonal, pointing out that the market is now getting overly saturated with “one size fits all” tech-house songs, while those producers who truly pour their heart into their productions, rarely get as much hype and attention they deserve. Well, one thing is for sure: tech-house has become so popular within the realm of dance music that it was named the best-selling genre last year, according to the 2020 Beaport Review. To better understand this interesting mixture, check out the newly created Tech House Theory 2021 playlist below, including 25 of the recently released best tech house songs on Spotify.



1. Gorgon City, DRAMA You’ve Done Enough (John Summit Remix)


The Chicago-bred house producer showcases his forward-thinking talent on Gorgon City and DRAMA’s joint single, turning the original down-tempo tune into an energetic and moody tech house jam.

2. Nicole Moudaber, Eats Everything – Big Dipper 



As far as debut collaborations go, ‘Big Dipper’ is one of the hottest around right now. Two of the British house scene’s biggest stars joined forces on this massive tech house tune with bouncy basslines and the minimalistic yet on-point vocals. 

3. Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers – Play In The Dark



Long-time friends, Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers have dropped their first track together after 7 years, titled ‘Play In The Dark‘ via Crosstown Rebels. The song features Seth’s ghostly vocals, spooky synth patterns and a mysterious yet relentless groove that guides the listener through the song. 

4. Josh Butler, Bontan – Set Your Sole on Fire 



The two UK tech house heavyweights returned for their first release together in nearly 4 years with their recent release. This time, they delivered a groovy dance floor weapon, featuring coming-and-going bongos, well-working vocal hooks and shuffling percussions, built over the deep bassline.



5. Darius Syrossian – Harlem Lights 


Iconic producer Darius Syrossian showed that he has been as creative as ever during lockdown. It is a simple but effective, sweaty, pumping house music, where flashing synth stabs are acting like strobes. It was launched via his project Moxy Muzik, which is both a record label (vinyl & digital)and party concept, which sees Darius play long extended sets in small intimate clubs. We can’t wait to hear this song during one of those legendary sets. 


6. Daniel Orpi – Deep Inside



‘Deep Inside’ is the first track on London-based Daniel Orpi’s latest EP bearing the same name out via Rawthentic. His music gained support from the biggest names in the tech house scene and this song is no exception to that rule. The infectious vocals, thumping percussions and fine cut hi-hats fit any dancefloor. 

7. Dennis Quin – Fuego (Darius Syrossian Remix)



Syrossian delivered a massive remix on fellow house master, Dennis Quin’s ‘Fuego’, pumping things up with slamming kicks, tough and infectious drums combined with sharp synth chords, that will ignite any club.



8. Ekoboy – Bapa


Greek DJ/producer Vangelis Kostoxenakis brought one of the hottest tunes alive this year and it’s only March. ‘Bapa’ is raw and quirky with deep and dirty basslines and rhythmic kick drums that will surely turn any room into a steamy club experience.



9. Vincenzo D’amico – Giamci


Italian DJ, producer and remixer delivered a fun and delightful tech-house tune with ‘Giamci’, which sounds like an instant moodsetter in any club especially since elrow, one of the most creative and colorful teams in the dance music industry, is behind this track. 

10. Josh Hvaal – Getting Better



Hot Creations continues its 2021 release schedule with this ground-shaking EP from 24- year-old British producer, Josh Hvaal, whose undeniable talent becomes apparent with ‘Getting Better’. The up-tempo kick-hat combos against the layered vocal tones are spiced up with retro acid vibes on this song: a guaranteed floor-filler.



11. Nas Dvoe – Alive 


Nas Dvoe (literally meaning “two of us” in Russian) is an emerging female DJ/Producer duo coming from Russia, based in Barcelona. ‘Alive’ is their first official release and what a beginning it is! The thumping basslines and the distinct sax hooks are definitely going to keep us moving.

12. Joyce (ARG) – B-Day



Pablo Nader, better known as Joyce (Arg), was born in Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

‘B’day’ is a funky, warm tech monster that gives you chill and tropical vibes, channeling the energy of his motherland. The young talent is one of the artists we have to keep an eye on! 

13. Milos Pesovic – Forever More



Legendary label Glasgow Underground provided a platform for this slow-burning heater by Serbian DJ and producer Milos Pesovic. ‘Forever More’ is a full-on instrumental, turning delicate drum layers into perfection which creates a long-lasting effect on the listener.


14. Ashibah, Jean Bacarreza – Nobody Else



Previously collaborating on the ‘Suave EP’ released on Kittball last year as well as ‘They Don’t Understand’, this magnificent duo returned with a new single on Sonny Fodera’s esteemed Solotoko label. Crispy hi-hats, acid breakdowns and groovy build-ups weaves around Ashibah’s hypnotic vocal hooks, which serve as a warm-up for what’s coming once clubs can open their gates. 


15. Ammo Avenue – Little Gurl 



Hailing from Peru, Ammo played at some of South America’s major venues and gained support from electronic music big hitters like FISHER, Eats Everything or Gorgon City. The rising star keeps on shining through the scene with this powerful, bumping track, featuring sweet vocals which makes ‘Little Gurl’ not just a fierce club anthem, but also a sing-along feel-good song.


16. Dillon Nathaniel, Rowetta – Reason To Fly



For the next installment on Solardo‘s Sola imprint, Dillon Nathaniel kicks the new year off with a nod to old school, authentic house! ‘Reason To Fly’ presents one of the most soulful singers in the game, Rowetta from the revered group The Happy Mondays. The release is a prime example of what an effective groove and a powerful vocal can do to ignite the energy in the room and make you forget about your problems. 



17. Diplo, Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time (Noizu Remix)


When you thought this colossal collaboration wasn’t a big enough tune, Noizu happil came to the rescue, delivering a hard-hitting remix for one of the hottest songs right now. He pumps new life into the club certified joint track, giving it a significant bass boost transforming it into an contagious modern tech-house banger.



18. Qubiko, Angelo Ceci – The Mazzo


Toolroom Records included this collaboration on the latest (‘Vol. 5’) instalment of their highly popular ‘House Party’ compilation series, which means that the two Italian artists are going to conquer any dancefloor with ‘The Mazzo’. The recipe is simple yet effective: a relentless groove, catchy lyrics and ground shaking basslines.



19. Italobros – Wax


Italobro’s much-welcomed EP ‘Wax’ is just what we needed to provide us with a warm, nostalgic feeling of summer. The bouncy rhythm will get your feet tapping as it progresses into a real club shaker when the subtle bassline sets in, reminding us of the feelings that open-air summer parties provide.


20. Mauro Venti – Workin’ Up A Sweat



Italy is truly a hotbed for young talents. Presenting his first single release on Spinnin’ Deep, Mauro Venti is one of the young interesting names of this moment. Being true to the title, it is impossible not to move your body while listening to the striking deep beat of this mammoth tech house tune.



21. Alenzex – 4eva


Romanian talent Alenzex is another upcoming producer worth keeping our eyes on. His passion for Chicago’s underground and unique sound serves as a strong base for his productions, like ‘4eva’, in which he merges 80’s vibes with a solid and modern groove.



22. Matt Caseli – Def Jam


Ibiza legend Matt Caseli needs no introduction if you’ve ever visited the White Island. Rocking the decks for a massive 25 year-long career. With ‘Def Jam’, he proved once again how smoothly he can make an unrepeatable Balearic gem. With each listen, you will find new elements –  like the exotic melody or the vigorous saxophone segments – to be obsessed by.

23. Mark Jenkyns, Killed Kassette – In and out You



While Jamie Jones’s Hot Creations label embraced Mark Jenkyns,a former steel engineer from Newcastle, Niall Auld a.k.a. Killed Kassette was snapped up by Kevin Saunderson‘s legendary KMS record label. They quickly rose to fame and thankfully found each other, blessing us with this robust, electrifying, percussion-heavy collab.



24. Amine Edge & DANCE – Pop Smoke


The French duo’s undeniable skill to craft moody,mischievous, hip-hop influenced, bass-driven house is evident. ‘Pop Smoke’ features the voice of the tragically passed away, 20-year old rapper,talking about his song ‘Welcome To The Party’. This song is an honorable way of remembering his legacy, while reminding us to live our lives to the fullest.



25. R3HAB, Fafaq, DNF – Ringtone 


Dutch/Moroccan DJ and producer Fadil El Ghoul, better known as R3HAB, continues to evolve and diversify his sound by working with a variety of artists.This time he teamed up with Polish producers Fafaq and DNF for a very special tech house-infused song. As he said: “Ringtone‘ has all the pieces to be an actual banger with its compelling melody, bassline, and modern tech influences, which combine to create an escape into virtual reality.” 


Make sure to stay updated with brand new tech house songs via our newly created Tech House Theory 2021 playlist on Spotify!

Image Credit: Nicole Moudaber (Press) / Provided by Falcon Publicity