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Daft Punk ‘Homework’ and ‘Alive 1997’ albums get vinyl reissues

Daft Punk is the hot topic in the music industry right now ever since the iconic duo announced their split via YouTube the other day. Many fans and artists alike have took to social media to share their fond memories, and to also re-discover their legendary discography, and now two albums from that discography, ‘Homework’ and ‘Alive 1997’, are getting a vinyl reissue this month.

‘Homework’, the classic album that catapulted Daft Punk into superstars, will always be up there as one of their best bodies of work in their 28-year history as a duo. Originally released in 1997 via Virgin Records and Soma Quality Recordings, they produced the tracks that went onto the album without any intention of releasing an actual album, but we’re glad it went the way it did. Recorded from 1993 to 1996, it has many iconic tracks such as ‘Da Funk’‘Rollin’ & Scratchin”, and of course, ‘Around The World’. You can now order the repress via Phonica Records here.

Released in the same year as ‘Homework’, ‘Alive 1997’ is a 45-minute recorded live performance from Q Club in Birmingham in November of 1997, as part of their ‘Daftendirektour’. The live performance is part of what made them so unique and exciting, with electrifying tracks mixed seamlessly with others, creating some of the most iconic mashups in live music history. You can order the repress also on the same website here.

Image Credit: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

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