DJ G-String

DJ G-String drops CHRISZIO’s remix of her record ‘These Feelings’: Listen

DJ G-String, a producer and Performance Club DJ, has released a Chriszio Extended Version Remix of her captivating single These Feelings.

The DJ started producing music at a rather young age, being fascinated by mixing music and recording cassette tapes. She was also keen on corresponding the beats of songs she heard on the radio. At this age, the young DJ G-String made the choice of dedicating all of her time to learning the skill of mixing music, and by the time she turned 18, her purchase of turntables resulted in the growth of her skills and her performing in house parties, school events and various weddings.

Her success led her to be hired at a nightclub in Chicago, and from there her career began to unfold. Today, she has had many experiences of performing a number of sets with some of the most influential DJ’s in the country, and her work, with over twenty years of experience in the industry, keeps her audience asking for the release of more amazing tracks by this captivating artist.

The DJ’s music is intensely atmospheric, able to entice the audience on the dance floor and engage with them on a rather deep level. These Feelings has all of these qualities, and doesn’t fail to elicit this same reaction to those who listen to it. According to the artists, “the vision [of this remix] was jumpy piano synths and overall high energy.”

DJ G-String commented on her remix on SoundCloud, stating that “These feelings is a song about having feelings for someone that you used to love even when it is all over with. The collaboration with Chriszio was a great blend of my style and his style. I wanted a dramatic, melodic piano synth style to pop out the feelings in this single.”

Below, you can listen to the Chriszio Extended Version Remix of These Feelings by DJ G-String & you can grab a copy here. Make sure to visit G-String’s website here:

Image Credit: DJ G-String (Press)