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Effective Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Musical Performance
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Effective Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Musical Performance

Home Uncategorized Effective Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Musical Performance

Working as a performing artist can be incredibly difficult, laborious, and tiresome, yet it is also a career that is incredibly rewarding and grants you the freedom to travel wherever you want to go in search of work and rely upon nobody but yourself and your talents. Working as a performing artist is something that many people can only dream of, yet if you follow this guide and take all of our suggestions in, it is something that can become your reality. It is not as difficult as it is made out to be and requires only you to try and improve your performance.

In this article, we are going to be sharing with you a few effective tips that will help you to improve your musical performance, whether it be off stage or on-stage. Improving your musical performance may take time, it may not be easy, but we assure you that it will be completely worth it in the end. Rome was not built in a day and nor will your musical career be, but keep trying, keep persevering, and you will prevail.

Here are a few effective tips that will help you to improve your musical performance.

The Message

When you are performing on stage, you will not be able to appeal to people until you understand and convey the message of the song. Every song has a particular message, some poignant, others not. Understanding and learning the message will improve the audience’s musical experience and will, in turn, improve your performance. It will make you seem like you are feeling the song and into the groove of things. If you do not know the message, you may seem distant and almost like a robot, not truly involved.

Where Are You?

Sometimes in life, we just must go missing, figuratively of course. When you are on stage playing your instrument or singing, you should be on stage physically, but in your world mentally. By disappearing and going missing, while being in the room, you allow yourself to immerse yourself in your performance, which will contribute to a heartfelt performance that will inspire your audience and motivate them to come back and see you play again. Instead of being in the room both mentally and physically, let your music take you somewhere; go with it.

What Moves You?

When you are a performing artist, it can benefit you massively to study other people’s music, particularly music that moves and motivates you. Studying this music and the on-stage personas of the musicians behind this music will help you to create your own stage identity. Music should be moving and motivational – if you can establish what it is that moves you about a particular artist or song, then you will find that you can adapt that to move other people. This is something we highly recommend you try out if you want to become a successful performing artist.


When you are a performing artist, assuming you use an instrument, you want to practice your technique and the way that you use your instrument or even the way that you sing. Practising your technique will help you to become a better performing artist and will help you to become more confident. Practice makes perfect, right? We’ve all heard that before. Well, put the saying into action and practice until you are perfect. The technique is something that is not just instinctive but that can be learnt. Learn your technique and perfect it until you are the best that you can be.

Practice Without Instruments

Sometimes you can benefit massively from practicing without your instruments. For example, if you are a guitarist, try and play some air guitar, and if you are a drummer, try to drum out a beat on a table. This may seem like a silly suggestion to you, but we assure you that it is not and if anything, it is a fantastic way for you to learn to master your instrument. Practicing without your instrument is something we highly recommend and that we want you to give a try – do not bash it until you have tried it.


Confidence is hard to achieve sometimes. Not everybody is, unfortunately, gifted with it. However, there are several techniques and methods that you can use to improve your confidence. While it may not happen overnight, over time, you will find that your confidence grows. Confidence is something that every performing artist needs – if you do not have confidence then how will you get on stage and perform in front of crowds of people? Even the most nervous of people can have what it takes to become a stage performer, providing they work on boosting their confidence!

Supporting Artists

Sometimes, you need supporting artists, even a band. Even if you are an alone performer, having a supporting artist on stage can be a great way to improve your performance. If you are a singer, you might want to have a backup guitarist on stage. If you are a guitarist, then a drummer. Whatever you do on stage, there is always room for improvement. Supporting artists can be great if you suffer from extreme anxiety and generally suffer when you have to perform because of fear or a lack of confidence. Give it a try.

Performing music on stage is not easy, we know. With this page, however, we hope to have brought you a few suggestions that can improve your performance and make the entire process much easier for you. Thank you for reading, please come back and visit us again soon. 


Image Credit: cottonbro from Pexels

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