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Free effective promotion of electronic music on YouTube: Top 5 popular channels

If you’ve ever tried to compose electronic music, you know how challenging it can be. Creating a fantastic tune requires talent but also hard work and dedication. Even once you finish the song, you are nowhere close to being done. To reach a large audience and promote your music, you need to publish it on YouTube.

Apart from the personal channel, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact those who specialize in promoting electronic music. You can find YouTube publishers who already gathered thousands of followers. Those channels now specialize in presenting top tunes from new and emerging artists.

In this article, we are focusing on the free effective promotion of electronic music on YouTube. We’ll tell you about the best channels to target for promoting videos, but also how to ensure the highest quality of your content!

Creating a Channel

The first step is to present on this network. Even if you already have a personal channel, it’s smart to create a new one for your music. Use your name or come up with a unique stage name. The idea is to be catchy and distinctive enough so that there’s no confusion between you and other performers.

Creating a Channel

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Preparing Your Audio and Video

Creating a channel is only the first step, and a far important one is preparing your videos. Since you are a music performer, it’s crucial to secure high-quality audio.

Here are some tips to apply when preparing the content:

  •   Use high-quality equipment – video resolution and sound quality are constantly improving. It’s vital to ensure the fans can watch your videos in the highest possible resolution.
  •   Give it your best – pay special attention to the tunes and the singing (if you plan on doing it). In videos, the sound still remains the top priority.
  •   Decide on a video style – you can record yourself while singing or creating music. Alternatively, it’s possible to take the production to the next level and create a professional video. That’s important for visual appeal when placing content on your channel.
Spreading the Word

Once you have a video ready, it’s time to advertise it. Even if you have the best music in the world, some marketing efforts will still be necessary to reach a broad audience. If you want to get subscribers fast, how about acquiring free real subscriptions by utilizing a trial offer from a marketing service? These will tell you how successful and cost-efficient the marketing strategy can be. Before you know it, you’ll also start attracting an organic audience, and people will start spreading the word about your music and channel.

Other Tips for Promoting Your Music

Here are some other free tactics to use for promoting your electronic songs:

  •   Upload other content types – do Q&A sessions with fans. If you go on a tour, don’t hesitate to share videos from it.
  •   Interact with users and other artists – once users start providing feedback, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Thank them for their support and promise them to be even better in the future.
  •   Promoting music on other channels – this strategy is more effective than using ads on the network. If you get a reliable channel to publish your content, it can be the jumpstart you need to succeed.
Top 5 Popular Channels for Electronic Music Promotion

Do you believe you have everything ready to suggest your content to popular uploaders? If that’s the case, you want to start by identifying the proper channels for promotion. You’d find a huge range of channels ready to promote electronic music. Here are a few great suggestions on where to start!

  1. CloudKid

CloudKid is a channel that reached incredible popularity quickly. They are now close to five million subscribers, and each video uploaded is guaranteed at least 300K views in the first month. If you manage to nail what the audience wants, you could reach your first million viewers on this channel. CloudKid supports chill music and often presents artists in the electronic genre.


Image Credit: CloudKid / YouTube Channel

  1. Koala Kontrol

Koala Kontrol carefully considers each video before posting it to the channel. They are big fans of electronic music and ready to support promising performers. The channel has 1.4 million subscribers and keeps growing. The expected viewership is around 20K in the first month for every video.

Koala Kontrol

Image Credit: Koala Kontrol / YouTube

  1. Underground Charisma

The name Underground Charisma should tell you that the channel focuses on emerging artists in electronic and hip-hop genres. They love supporting new performers who have what to show to the world. The channel has 289K subscribers and is growing quickly. Depending on how the audience reacts, approximately 10K viewers will check your video in the first month.

Underground Charisma

Image Credit: Underground Charisma / YouTube

  1. MrSuicideSheep

It doesn’t take an expert to see this is one of the most popular channels for promoting electronic music. It has 12.7 million subscribers and is constantly growing. It will be a wonder if any video uploaded goes without at least 100K views in the first several weeks. MrSuicideSheep publishes approximately one video per day. Although they have a fantastic reach, it’s not easy to break your way to this channel. However, if you have high-quality content, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.


Image Credit: MrSuicideSheep / YouTube

  1. Tasty

This channel is proud of selecting the “tastiest” tunes out there. They specialize in the electronic dance genre and currently have 935K subscribers. It’s interesting to note they don’t upload videos that often. If they don’t want suitable tunes, they might not publish more than three songs per month. The good news is that Tasty doesn’t hesitate to support new creators by publishing their music.


Image Credit: Tasty / YouTube Channel


How to Submit Your Electronic Music to Other YouTube Channels

It’s now time to send your proposal to the desired YouTube channel. It would be best if you were thorough when preparing a message for submission.

These are the details to include:

  •   High-quality audio or video – if you already posted the content to your channel, simply include a link. Alternatively, you can prepare a song without publishing it on YT. If that’s the case, you may send video or only audio to the channel administrators. However, make sure that the content is of the highest quality. It helps to include both streaming and download links.
  •   Relevant information – apart from your song’s name, include basic info about you as a performer. If you have a successful social media page or anything else to prove your credentials, don’t hesitate to include your details.
  •   Exclusivity – you can offer that channel an opportunity to present your new song on their platform exclusively. However, please note it’s not smart to send this offer to multiple destinations. If both channels accept it, you’ll be in a big problem!
  •   Premieres – an alternative can be to offer a channel to be the first one presenting your new song. You’d set a deadline (for example, 30 days), after which you’ll have the right to publish the content on your and other channels.

Finally, don’t forget to allow copyright because you don’t want YouTube flagging the video published on that large channel. Once you create a name for yourself, you can consider implementing copyright again.

After sending the offer, the only important thing is to be patient. You might need to send several proposals before a single channel accepts promoting your electronic music. The important thing is to be patient because hard work will pay off.

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