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Woov: a revolutionary way to experience live music with your friends again

Woov reinvented itself and now presents as the world’s first audio venues platform, giving fans and artists a digital dimension where they can get together again. Innovation, technology and pioneering. These are the great highlights brought by the Dutch startup.

Today there are several digital platforms that promise to offer a new way to experience live music. About a year ago, due to the pandemic brought on by the coronavirus, clubs and festivals saw their activity freeze worldwide. After it was realised that the duration of the paralysis of the live music and entertainment industry would be a long unknown, creativity was the key to continue the show. Digital festivals, performances in gaming environments, augmented reality concerts and three-dimensional worlds began to sprout. However, most of these solutions focus on graphics and the audio-visual experience of the performance. But going to a party or festival was also synonymous with interaction, having fun among friends and shared experiences. That’s what Woov focuses on.

Through the power of spatial audio chats and immersive audio ambiences, the platform offers a new way to experience live music together with friends and artists.

Woov is the fist digital hangout dedicated to live music. Through top-level sound engineering that enables voice and audio spatialization, it allows you to feel immersed in a crowd, listening to the music, the environment and the people around you. In Woov venues you can experience a fascinating representation of a real club or festival and the power is yours. Users can explore various rooms, connect with likeminded people and engage in conversation with performing acts. How amazing is that? As well as allowing you to adjust the volume of everything you hear, you can arrange the people around you and the sound is true to the action. The sound quality is incredible and the spatially positioning is incredibly faithful. Gather your friends around you and you can hear them talking around you, literally. It’s fantastic. About this technology, the Grammy-award nominated producer and sound engineer BT explains:

‘Instead of trying to recreate a complex visual environment, Woov makes you feel like you’re immersed in a group of friends experiencing music through the sense that matters most for music; our hearing. You feel the sound of your friends surrounding you, the sound of the physical space and the intensity and interaction of the crowd with the DJ. This is incredible not just for the listening audience but for the performer as well.’

This platform is the first of its kind and offers a new revenue stream for artists and organizers with a seamless solution to the issue of music rights clearance, providing a transparent revenue split.

The ambitious project will host a stellar line-up of artists and a full schedule of events that it will announce soon. Woov has already started opening the doors to well-known artists such as Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Carl Cox, who took the stage at the pilot event. About his experience, the king of techno says:

‘A live stream should be more than just a broadcast. It is a virtual music experience that has the potential to connect the artist and the audience. Performing at the first beta event on Woov recently showed that it is possible to create the emotion of partying together in an authentic way and to feel close to the clubbers on the virtual dancefloor.

Woov was built on the belief that live music should be experienced together, so join the guestlist, find your friends and enjoy.


Image Credit: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano / Provided by Armada PR