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Chapter One Records store opens in Downtown Los Angeles promising ‘rare vinyl’ to purchase

Rolando Alvarez and Eddie Vela, the promoters responsible for hosting Los Angeles’ Dialogue and Midnight Lovers parties, are undergoing a new business venture as they open a brand new record store ‘Chapter One Records’ in the city’s downtown area. Capitalising on the booming resurgence of vinyl sales, which saw a 40% sales increase in 2020, the shop promises to have new, used and ‘rare vinyl’ for purchase as well as various collections of other merchandise.

Chapter One Records will also be offering professional services as a hope to aid fuel what its founders see as a cultural renaissance that is aimed to revitalise Los Angeles after the effect the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the industry. The services include a place to record livestreams, photography services and also allowing to be open for private events, which was discussed in a press release when announcing the store:

“This new creative hub will also offer their community a range of in-store gatherings and services including release listening parties, live stream production, media creation and more.”

Coinciding with the stores opening, the pair are also launching a vinyl-only record label named Dialogue Records, with the first release being a four-track EP by Romanian based Ada Kaleh. ‘Solace in Repetition’ releases Friday 23 April and is up for presale here. Due to social distancing, the store is currently only offering appointment visits that can be booked on the store’s website here and Los Angeles residents and any vinyl fans should give the store a follow on Instagram, where they post constant updates of the store’s inventory. We wish both Rolando Alvarez and Eddie Vela good luck in their brand new venture.


Image Credit: Chapter One Records (via Facebook)

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