Paul Kalkbrenner delivers a driving remix of NTO ‘Invisible’: Listen

Paul Kalkbrenner provided a sparkling interpretation of NTO‘s latest single and the result is simply sublime. Paul’s remix of ‘Invisible‘ comes to us this Wednesday via AllPoints accompanied by an exquisite music video that does justice to the sublimity of the sound.

NTO is a promising French electronic music producer who has strategically positioned his ladder in the last few years and is now climbing the rungs quite firmly. Although his name has gained momentum in recent years, his path is already long and filled with good company. In 2013, NTO teamed up with Worakls and Joachim Pastor to form the Hungry Music label, which also served as a platform to further expose his talent. After ‘The Kid and the Planes’ and ‘Zig Zag’, NTO delivers the evocative musical piece ‘Invisible’. The French artist had promised big surprises when he revealed this single and he delivered. In addition to the original mix, ‘Invisible’ has a magnificent piano version bordering on acoustic, produced with Sofiane Pamart. Now, it gets its second alternative version by the talented hands of German techno maestro Paul Kalkbrenner.

NTO is a storyteller and wanted to have other artists interpret his latest track:

I wanted to leave it up to other artists I love and admire to tell their own story around the melodic theme of my track «Invisible». Paul Kalkbrenner is one of the artists who inspired me to become a producer when I first started making music 15 years ago, so remixing a track that means a lot to me is a priceless gift! The original track combines an evolutive narrative story and a dancefloor beat. Paul Kalkbrenner adds the characteristic colour and production that gave him the title of melodic techno icon’

In his version, Paul Kalkbrenner has added the strength and sobriety that always characterise his work, without taking away the melodic and magical character of ‘Invisible’. The German legend’s remix intensifies the melody with a masterful, repetitive and intoxicating beat. Besides dynamising the track, he has increased the main beat but without disturbing the dreamy vibe of the original. The sparkling synthesizers are absolutely spellbinding and guarantee a comfortable journey into another dimension. Paul saw a diamond in the rough and polished it with his signature sound. The story is by NTO, but Paul has added some very interesting lines to the script. He makes it seems effortless:

‘NTO, as I learned later one, works with a story in mind. Now that we shot the video for the remix I know that but when I worked on the track, I had no idea. I just did it the way I always do, in a state of flow, adding and adding. This remix came quite naturally to me, always moving forward, like on a straight line’

Listen to this incredible remix which comes accompanied by a powerful music video directed by Jean-Charles Charavin. Press play below and let yourself become ‘Invisible’:


Image Credit: Paul Kalkbrenner (via Facebook)