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How Starling Is Helping Musicians Make Money Through Music

Starling, a new artist services company, recently revealed their unique plans on helping musicians make money through their music. With many independent musicians struggling to find ways to earn money for their hard work online, Starling is hoping to act as a type of do-it-yourself record label for those starting, treating music as a hobby, or any other circumstance.

How is Starling helping musicians make more money? A variety of features make them a unique player in the industry. Their goal is to shake up the norms that have plagued musicians for so long, making streaming services a more viable solution for even the newest musicians.

Big record deals for even the most known musicians can be very tough financially. In some cases, artists are only earning 10% of what they are bringing in, making successful artists struggle more than it appears. Starling’s transparent earning setup focuses on disrupting the industry as it is known today. Starling takes a 10% commission on all royalties for standard users, but that commission goes away for Starling Pro members.

This makes earning money fair, and easy to track as well. Musicians have access to real-time earnings data, instead of having to wait until the end of the month. For those who count on their money they are bringing in to help pay bills and live a comfortable life, this is a crucial change that has not existed much in the music industry.

Timely Payments

Bringing in money as an artist can be very inconsistent, with long payout times plaguing the industry. The setup for Starling focuses on not only fast payments, but advances in some regards. Starling hit the market as one of the quickest companies when it comes to paying out, and companies have found it hard to come close to matching. Earnings can start to pile up in as fast as 24 hours, and musicians receive payment as soon as money starts rolling in.

All payment schedules are detailed in a user’s account. It is easy to track trends, spikes, and more so that users know what type of revenue they can expect going forward.


From payouts to promotion, transparency is a huge point for Starling, even in the early stages. In the past, too many musicians have had to focus on only what they are told by music labels and others in the industry. It is a constant guessing game trying to figure out exactly how everything ultimately breaks down.

Starling wants the guessing game to go away completely, as this can allow musicians to feel much more comfortable that they are getting the best deal for themselves. Every musician would love to make more money, but there are plenty of analytic tools that every profile can use to see exactly what they are doing well and where they can improve.

Connections in the industry

Artists need connections in the industry to grow. Forming a connection between musicians and influencers (or promoters), can go a long way towards helping with a breakout piece. A typical musician using Starling has yet to experience that viral breakthrough that could potentially catapult them to something bigger.

To aid with the assistance of connections in the industry, Starling offers a marketplace for exactly that. Revolutionary for the industry, musicians can go on and find influencers, and vice versa. There is a constant need for creativity in today’s world, and many are looking for music that can fit specifically what they are working on. It helps influencers put together something great, and it helps musicians potentially go viral with the audience they can reach.

Finding the Perfect Audience

There is more specialization in streaming services with music than ever before. This is great news for musicians who know how to reach their perfect audience, or for those musicians who work with companies that can do that for them. Starling makes it very easy to make educated decisions on reaching a specific audience.

With experts in the industry and proprietary data and analytics to comb through, Starling knows the best way to promote all types of music. That makes any promotion and marketing as effective as possible, saving musicians from wasting a lot of their budget on lackluster plans.

Building a Trusting Relationship

Starling’s startup roots make it very easy to relate with many of the musicians they work with. The goal is to work with serious musicians hoping to unlock their potential without necessarily spending a ton of money. Starling knows that money can be tight in the early stages of a music journey, but the talent for musicians is still very much there.

Every single musician working with Starling has the opportunity to make a direct connection with the company for any specific questions or guidance. The goal is to create a platform that makes every musician feel like they are important. It is another way of creating an atmosphere where musicians work with their own management team to help them with specific needs.

Relying on cookie-cutter help and one size fits all solutions do not typically end well for many. It is better to have a more tailored solution, and Starling knows that very well. With zero risk to start, musicians have nothing to lose when attempting to make more money and understand streaming services once and for all.

About Starling

Starling serves as an artist service company to make life easier and more profitable for musicians. Offering various services that can help musicians unlock their full potential, they offer some of the best earning opportunities in the industry today.

Help with exposure, understanding streaming services, and proper marketing is all available under one roof. They are also building a community to help creative minds join forces and come up with new content that can be a breakthrough opportunity. For information on all the Starling offers at this time for musicians around the globe, visit their website at today to get started.

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