A dance music themed gourment burger restaurant has opened in Ibiza

Ibiza is obviously known for its vibrant and insane nightlife, being the party capital of the world. The island’s clubs host a summer of shows star-studded line ups, and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Also on the map for foodies, with countless iconic and Michelin Stared restaurants, it’s no surprise the two worlds have collided when a brand new electronic dance music-themed gourmet burger restaurant has opened on the island, cleverly titled IBEEFA Burger.

IBEEFA Burger opened last month in San Antonio and accommodates all diets, offering a wide range of burgers for meat-lovers, vegans, and vegetarians all with names that are puns of our favorite artists with dishes like Edam Bayer, which is a beef burger with edam cheese, and Steve Ayolkly, a burger topped with an egg. Non-burger lovers will also find a dish for them as the restaurant offers many other dishes such as mac and cheese, fries, and hummus. You can check the full menu and all the hilariously named dishes out below.

“People’s expectations of burgers have completely changed over the last decade or so, and we felt there should be something on the island to reflect this. Great music and the great food in an uplifting club atmosphere is what iBeefaBurger is all about.” – Kai Cant, co-owner of IBEEFA Burger.

Not just a restaurant, the venue will also host a heap of events with live DJs sets to accompany the experience, with the insanely talented Hannah Wants playing the restaurant’s grand opening early last month. IBEEFA Burger is mainly aimed towards the island’s countless party-goers who are guaranteed to love the novelty and unique menu, and owners Kai Cant and Ashley Ienco will surely be over the moon of the previously announced news that Ibiza will be welcoming tourists without tests or quarantine this summer. We wish the owners the best of luck in their new business venture, and you can check more about the restaurant on their official website.

Main image credit: IBEEFA Burger (via Facebook)


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