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Adam Beyer & DJ Rush debut collab on ‘Restore My Soul’ EP: Listen

With collaborations in the industry far from few, it becomes extra special when two legendary artists team up and provide their millions of fans with a unique musical production! This time round, Techno titans Adam Beyer and DJ Rush have blessed their fans alike with the release of a Four track-EP, ‘Restore My Soul.’ A first-time collaboration for both artists, the ‘Restore My Soul’ EP can be seen as a letter of respect and admiration between each other.

Released on Beyer’s label, Drumcode, the EP consists of ‘Restore My Soul,’ ‘Control,’ ‘Take Me There,’ and ‘Restore My Soul – DJ Rush Remix.’ With a dark theme evident throughout this collaborative work, both artists have the ability of creating a dramatic atmosphere with the use of springy synths that match perfectly with DJ Rush’s famous voice.

Each track provides the listener with an experience that they will never forget, as a dense mix of industrial rhythms is evident throughout the track ‘Control’, whilst ‘Take Me There’ leaves the listener guessing with a swift change of crushing percussion loops to deep funk-techno, before eventually reaching a provoked crescendo courtesy of Rush’s hypnotic chorus. This incredible EP is then completed with DJ Rush’s remix of their title song ‘Restore My Soul.’

With Beyer viewed by many as a leader in modern techno sound, it comes to no surprise that DJ Rush was full of praise for his fellow artist. Inspired by many of Beyer’s older works, DJ Rush has stated;

“It gives me such pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Adam Beyer. His earlier music influenced my style back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Even today I can drop an old Drumcode track, and it has a big impact on the dancefloor. Adam and I have the same passion for music, so this guided us together, and we turned out a fierce EP.”

In a similar fashion, the Drumcode owner was super excited to be collaborating with DJ Rush, whilst at the same time hoping that these uncertain times won’t be impacting the world for much longer. In further detail Beyer stated;

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with him on this EP. This is a powerful EP with four distinctly different flavours that I think all Drumcode fans are going to love. I just hope we have the chance to play them out live as soon as humanly possible.”

The excitement for this collaboration is more than evident, with each track perfectly showcasing the talents of both producers. You can check out the ‘Restore My Soul’ EP below and let us know what you think of Beyer’s and DJ Rush’s work on these four tracks!

Image Credit: Adam Beyer (via Facebook)

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