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Burak Yeter & Montiego release new track ‘Oh My My’ featuring Séb Mont: Listen

Burak Yeter and Montiego have teamed up to deliver a fresh new tune in the form of ‘Oh My My’, which also features talented artist Séb Mont.

Burak Yeter is a Turkish-Dutch DJ and producer with many years of experience with a career dating back to 2000. Getting his start in music at a young age, he was only 22 when he performed at MTV‘s Dance Floor Chart Party in Malta, and since then he has gone from strength to strength. Releasing on legendary labels such as Armada and Spinnin’ Records and many more, Yeter is also no stranger to the charts, and especially to the No.1 spot where his tracks have found homes. Montiego is equally as big of a star, juggling being a successful businessman with being a vocalist and rapper. With a lot on his plate, he manages it all effortlessly and exudes success wherever he goes. Burak Yeter and Montiego have also teamed up with the multifaceted Séb Mont for ‘Oh My My’, who is a pop, EDM and house topliner and vocalist who has worked with the likes of AfrojackEster Dean and many more.

Together, all three artist’s strongest qualities combine together for the concoction of sound that is ‘Oh My My’. With emotive vocals and lyrics that are sure to evoke some tears within listeners, these qualities are wrapped in a blanket of soaring soundscapes which provide a canvas for the dance element to truly flow, making this one perfect for dancing to in a club or at a festival. Sure to be one of Burak Yeter, Montiego and Séb Mont’s most popular productions, don’t be surprised if you hear this one everywhere in the coming months.

‘Oh My My’ is available to listen to below, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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